Infermedica raises $30 million Series B Funding from One Peak to expand AI-driven Medical Guidance Platform

  • Infermedica’s HIPAA-compliant AI solutions are available in 30 countries and 19 languages, and used by more than 90 healthcare organizations and partners, including Allianz, Microsoft, Sana Kliniken, Optum, Gothaer, and Médis.
  • New investment led by One Peak will be used to further develop and launch Infermedica’s Medical Guidance Platform which will be the most comprehensive tool for enabling patient-centric, accessible healthcare, from symptom to outcome.

Denver, USA, January 26, 2022Infermedica, a leading digital health company, specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage, today announces a $30 million Series B funding round, led by One Peak, and supported by previous investors: Karma Ventures, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Heal Capital, and Inovo Venture Partners. The new investment – which follows a Series A funding round just over a year ago – brings the company’s total funding to $44 million. The capital will be used to support Infermedica in tackling some of the biggest issues facing healthcare through further development of their Medical Guidance Platform (MGP) and adding new modules to cover the full primary care journey. Infermedica will also increase their global commercial presence and expand their international, remote-first team of industry and medical experts.

“We are incredibly excited to back the Infermedica team as we share their vision of making healthcare more accessible and affordable by automating primary care. We have been particularly impressed with Infermedica’s clinical safety and accuracy, best-in-class user experience, ease of deployment, and customer service. We believe the company has all the ingredients in place to become the global standard for using AI to support patients and healthcare providers in all steps of the primary care journey and we look forward to supporting Infermedica in its next phase of explosive growth.”

– Humbert de Liedekerke, Managing Partner, One Peak

By 2030, up to 5 billion people will be unable to access even basic healthcare, mainly due to provider shortages and burnout. Infermedica’s mission is to ease the strain on global healthcare systems and make healthcare accessible, convenient and affordable by automating primary care. Infermedica’s MGP is the first step to achieving this vision by supporting and streamlining the healthcare decision-making process, from symptom to outcome.

MGP leverages the same technology behind Infermedica’s successful Symptom Checker tool, which has been used by over 10 million users globally, to triage patients to the right level of

care. Infermedica plans to further develop the solution to enable seamless handover to providers, including EHR integration, as part of the intake process, as well as automating follow-ups to close the feedback loop. In the US alone, administrative simplification could reduce healthcare spending by over a quarter-trillion dollars ($265 billion) annually.

“We are excited to see Infermedica’s plans to expand on their tools for preliminary health assessments. At Sana, our Symptom Checker, which is based on Infermedica’s technology, is directed towards patients and helps patients to understand and assess their symptoms. But the application also helps us to better understand what kind of treatment our patients require. These insights are evaluated and translated into actions which allow us to further improve the way we care for our patients. In the future, we hope that our medical staff will benefit even more from Infermedica’s technology by receiving information about their patients, in advance of their visits. This will enable us to even better care for incoming patients and manage scarce resources. Infermedica’s solutions are an integral part of our efforts to improve the patient experience at Sana Kliniken AG with smart digital innovations.”

– Michael Rosenstock, Head of Sana Digital, Sana Kliniken

Founded in 2012 in Poland by Piotr Orzechowski (CEO), Infermedica’s team grew by 80% in 2021 to 180 specialists – including physicians, data scientists, and engineers, and 2022 will see Infermedica on the trajectory to double their workforce yet again.

“We’re thrilled to partner with One Peak as the lead investor for this round. From the moment we met, we were very impressed with One Peak’s open and honest approach and felt that we share very similar values. One Peak is a high value-add partner for us with extensive experience in scaling B2B companies. I’m also thankful to our existing investors for their continued support and participation in our Series B round. To date, we’ve spent over 60,000 hours of physicians’ work building one of the world’s most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms, and risk factors. We will deploy the new funds to execute our vision of making primary care more efficient and affordable by creating constantly improving AI technology for everyone on the planet.”

– Piotr Orzechowski, CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica With the development of their Medical Guidance Platform underway, Infermedica is proud to be

continuing their growth story as part of the One Peak investment portfolio.

About Infermedica

Infermedica is a leading digital health company, specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage. The company’s mission is to make healthcare accessible, convenient and affordable for everyone worldwide, by automating primary care, from symptom to outcome.

Infermedica has been adeptly interweaving medical and technical expertise into their technologies since 2012, to support industry leaders including Allianz, Global Excel, Gothaer, Microsoft, Optum, and Sana Kliniken. Infermedica is now being used in more than 30 countries, in 19 languages, and has completed more than 10 million successful health checks to date. To learn more, visit

About One Peak

One Peak is a growth equity firm investing in technology companies in the scale-up phase. One Peak provides growth capital, operating expertise and access to its extensive network to exceptional entrepreneurs, with a view to help transform innovative and rapidly growing businesses into lasting, category-defining leaders. In addition to Infermedica, One Peak’s investments include Neo4j, DocPlanner, Spryker Systems, PandaDoc, Keepit, Cymulate, Paysend, HighQ, Quentic, Coople, DataGuard, Brightflag and many more. To learn more, visit

Additional quotes

“By using Infermedica’s diagnostic engine combined with voice AI from, healthcare organizations will become much more efficient in carrying out health checks reliably and at scale. Wait times can be significantly reduced as the AI-based patient triage guides patients directly to the right medical staff. The intersection of both technologies ensures high standards of patient experience without ever dropping in accuracy or reliability. Offering a voice solution to callers who need to relay their symptoms to medical professionals will make the entire experience faster, and much more hassle-free.”

– Wojciech Przechodzeń, CTO,

“Combined with Infermedica’s stellar development over the last years, securing many leading healthcare institutions as satisfied customers, the new financing round is a proof point of the significant value that Infermedica provides for healthcare organizations and patients. We are looking forward to the ever-increasing automation of the healthcare system powered by Infermedica!”

– Christian Weiss, Heal Capital, Managing Partner

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